Here at CCTVdirect we pride ourselves on the family atmosphere we have built over the last 11 years.

Mark Raine, CCTV Direct
Mark Raine
Managing Director
Stuart Normington, CCTV Direct
Stuart Normington
Sales Director
Naomi Dale, CCTV Direct
Naomi Dale
Sales Account Manager
Danielle Cooper, CCTV Direct
Danielle Cooper
Sales Account Manager
Sophie Haffenden, CCTV Direct
Sophie Haffenden
Corporate Account Manager
James Lee, CCTV Direct
James Lee
Business Development Manager
Harrison Rhodes, CCTV Direct
Harrison Rhodes
Business Support Manager
Alex O'Rourke, CCTV Direct
Alex O'Rourke
Product Manager
Adam Jarrett, CCTV Direct
Adam Jarrett
Technical Support
James Coleyshaw, CCTV Direct
James Coleyshaw
Technical Support
Lamont Marshall, CCTV Direct
Lamont Marshall
Technical Support
Deacon Robertshaw, CCTV Direct
Deacon Robertshaw
Technical Apprentice
Amy Kavanagh, CCTV Direct
Amy Kavanagh
Marketing Manager
Laura Salis, CCTV Direct
Laura Salis
Graphic Designer
Eileen Savage, CCTV Direct
Eileen Savage
Finance Manager
Cheryl Halligan, CCTV Direct
Cheryl Halligan
Accounts Assistant
Tom Hendricks, CCTV Direct
Tom Hendricks
Warehouse Manager
Tristan Hylton, CCTV Direct
Tristan Hylton
Warehouse Co-ordinator
Kurt Wood, CCTV Direct
Kurt Wood
Warehouse Apprentice
Hannah Raine, CCTV Direct
Hannah Raine
Warehouse Assistant