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We don't just shift boxes

Like the majority of other CCTV distributors in the UK, we have a different view of how the process works and we work hard at making sure that our staff give you everything you need in order to complete your installation.

We provide an all round service. From the second you decide to purchase from us, to even 3 years after your installation, we ensure that you have everything you need from us to make sure you can do your job as efficiently as possible.

Commercial trade is a big part of what we do, and we want you to have the best products available to ensure your establishment is safe and secure.

Our sales team have extensive knowledge in every product we sell. They are your first port of call when considering a CCTV system and will advise you on what it is you need to fulfil your order. So don't worry if you're not sure what you need, if you explain the job to your account manager, they'll provide the perfect products.

Our tech team are experts in the field. If you have a problem, they have the solution. Offering a bespoke service to you, you will never receive a generic answer.

Our warehouse team hand pick every order and for your peace of mind, we monitor the picking station so if anything goes wrong we can see when and where it happened to ensure a quick solution.