1st June

9 creative ways to use your CCTV system

If you think your CCTV cameras only use is surveillance, think again. This blog post will introduce you to a number of creative ways you could be using your CCTV system.

Motion detection
Most people install CCTV cameras so they can watch the footage back if needed. However, recently, many individuals have downloaded a variety of apps that allow their security system to notify them when someone enters their cameras' field of vision. A notification is sent straight to your smartphone and you can then log onto your live stream and see what or who has set off the motion detector.

Supervising pets
If you want to see what your pets are up to whilst you're out, a camera system is perfect for you. Whether you want to see which one of your pets is misbehaving or if you just miss their faces, having a CCTV camera will allow you to check in and see them at any time of day.

Gardening problems
Many of us spend a lot of time perfecting our gardens only to have certain plants eaten by pests. Use your CCTV camera to catch these pesky individuals in action and allow yourself to take back control of your garden.

Interactive games
CCTV cameras these days produce images of the highest quality. Why not use them to play interactive games on a gaming console with your whole family?

Checking in on your builders
Many of us have building work done to our homes at some point in our lives. Use your CCTV system to keep an eye on the builders when you're out of the house. This will allow you to go off to work with the peace of mind that you can check in and see what they are up to at any point. 
Is your other half on a strict diet but not getting anywhere? Your camera will allow you to check and see if there is any secret eating going on in your kitchen when you're not around!

Checking in on the teenagers.
There comes a time when your kids want to have their friends over and don't want you around. Gone are the days where you have to climb through your bushes and peek through the window to make sure they are not doing anything they shouldn't. Use your camera to check in on them during the evening to put your mind at ease. 

Sporting disputes
Do you love spending your weekends playing games outside with your family? Settle sporting disputes fair and square by checking your CCTV footage to see if that goal really was offside. 

Finish line of a sporting event.
CCTV cameras are a great piece of equipment to capture any event. The video clip below shows a CCTV camera capturing individuals crossing the finish line of a Welsh half marathon. 

As you can see, CCTV cameras have many different uses. So if you're looking for more than one reason to invest in these amazing systems, here are 9!

Video credit: TDL event services