8th September


Working alongside a client to operate within the hospitality sector, we have supplied a large number of VueNet EasyScan terminals into, restaurants, hotels & bars. There has been a huge spike in demand for the hospitality sector, with restaurants, hotels, pubs & spas up and down the UK looking for an efficient, time effective and accurate method of detecting fevers before they spread. 

Working with a large hospitality group, the VueNet EasyScan wrist only fever screening terminals have been deployed in numerous locations in the UK. 

After temperature checks became common practice in airports & hospitals, the hospitality group were looking for an effective way to scan not only their returning staff but customers once reopened. When evaluating the fever screening options available, thermometer guns were considered. However, it was quickly realised that this wasn’t suitable due to their inaccuracy and ineffectiveness in terms of wasted man-hours as a manual practice. 

This is when the VueNet EasyScan was used as a solution where visitors can scan their wrists, saving employee man-hours, is accurate to 0.3 degrees and ultimately a far more effective on fever screening.
Not only this, but the VueNet EasyScan is also a great point of sale opportunity, allowing for the restaurants, hotels and bars that they were positioned in to scroll through adverts highlighting promotional offers and social distancing guidelines. 

After installation and reopening of these locations, the customers relayed their effectiveness and customers felt safe and welcomed in the knowledge that they’re in a fever-free environment. Overall, the VueNet EasyScan terminals were a great success for the hospitality group and are a permanent fixture for these locations in combatting the spread of fevers and therefore viruses such as COVID-19. 

More information on the VueNet EasyScan available on the link below:
🔗 https://retail.cctvdirect.net/wrist-scanner/