25th September

It's Now The Law to Wear a Face Covering - Are You Covered?

Now that COVID-19 measures have changed, it is now the law to wear a face-covering in shops, hospitality premises, hotels, public transport, cinemas and more public premises.

It’s more important now than ever to ensure visitors are wearing masks in these areas. Using the Face and Wrist Scanner from CCTVdirect, not only are visitors screened for a fever but are also reminded to wear a mask before entering.

When approaching the terminal, visitors will be instructed to use the contactless wrist temperature reader which will then alert of an abnormal temperature or ask to proceed and will detect if the person is wearing a mask, if they’re not.

The face and fever terminal has been proved popular in the hospitality, retail shopping, health & beauty and education sectors and demand has grown exponentially with this technology becoming commonplace across the UK.

The state of the art technology is a safe, accurate and reliable way to detect those with fevers and detect masks in line with the government regulations in place until at least March 2021.

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