9th October


With legislation being passed for staff in shops, supermarkets, bars and clubs to wear face coverings it’s now more important than ever to use intelligent devices such as the Face and Fever Screening terminal which scans for abnormal human body temperature & detects if a user is wearing a mask or not.

Since the introduction of the new law for face covering to be worn by shop workers, we have seen a huge spike in demand for these terminals to be used in a workplace setting. These have been mounted on a custom-built floor stand, on a desk using the desktop stand or even onto a wall.

The fever screening process is simple, workers enter the building and hold their wrist close to the contactless wrist temperature reader module then present their face to the terminal, in turn, this will scan the workers face and instruct them to wear a mask if they’re not.

Face recognition is integrated into the terminal which allows for 10,000 users to be programmed onto the software. This allows for workers to be logged when they enter and to be loaded onto a whitelist which can be integrated with access control systems to allow or deny certain users into areas – increasing security at these workplaces. The facility to have custom adverts that cycle through when the terminal is idle is also being used to remind others of social distancing measures.

This is an effective method of not only temperature screening users as they enter the workplace but also instructing those who aren’t wearing a mask to do so. This also ensures that workers are abiding by the latest laws & gives all occupants the security that they’re in a fever-free environment.

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