4th May

Advanced Thermal Mass Fever Screening Solution

The fastest, safest and most accurate Advanced Thermal Mass Fever Screening Solution on the market.

The Advanced Thermal Mass Fever Screening Solution is essential in stopping the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
  • Reliable- 99.7% Accurate
  • Safe – Contact Free Detection
  • Instant Identification– Identifies Temperature Instantly
  • Multi Person Detection - Identifies Multiple Body Heat Sources At Once

With an accuracy of ± 0.3 ° C, the tried and tested technology is designed to filter out false alarms and produce only accurate data. The software uses Intelligent Infrared technology and pinpoint identification to detect a person with a raised temperature/fever. 

The infrared technology transmits different colours based on the temperatures that are being emitted in the image, this is similar to thermal imaging cameras ,where white colours are displayed as hot and black displayed as cool. 

The pinpoint technology will identify a person entering the frame and lock onto them and display their temperature directly onto the image. 

An alarm can also be set to activate when a person above this temperature crosses the image.
This makes it even easier for an operator to establish if a person needs medical examination. 

This solution allows for set up of the camera to be 3.5 metres from where the people are and the software to be viewed from where ever there is a LAN connection.