23rd November


Ajax PD6662:2017 Compliance Coming Soon!

Ajax has started to roll out their latest software update; OS Malevich 2.10 which enables Ajax to become compliant with PD6662:2017. This certification includes functionality which reduces false alarms and focuses on the best practices on alarm installation.

This new update with include all the functionality to comply with PD6662:2017 including:
✔️Alarm confirmation
✔️Two-stage arming
✔️Selective system integrity check
✔️Restore after alarm
✔️Delay timer on alarm event
✔️Transmitting an alarm restoration to an ARC

Setting up the system couldn’t be easier with the PD6662:2017 Ajax Pro wizard. Using the step by step wizard you work your way through the simple process where you can select options to ensure the PD6662:2017 compliance. After completing the wizard, the software will alert either:

The Wizard is complete, but some settings are not PD6662-complaint. Then what needs to be changed to make this system compliant.


The Wizard is complete and is now PD 6662 compliant.

It’s not just the software that’s been updated to comply with the PD6662:2017 accreditation, there’s also a release of the Ajax DoubleButton. This is a wireless hold up device that can generate a confirmed alarm by a sequence of clicks – i.e holding down both buttons for a confirmed alarm.

With this update, if you’re an SSAIB or NSI approved company, you’ll soon be able to install Ajax Systems. Watch this space!