5th September

Ajax Now Integrates with UNV CCTV

We're so pleased to announce that Ajax Systems have launched the UNV IP CCTV integration, which basically means you can now stream Uniview video footage within the Ajax App.

With an integrated security system, you can check you full system at any time. So if you receive a notification from Ajax saying your DoorProtect has been triggered, you can also have a look at your UNV CCTV stream to see what triggered it.

Using the Ajax app (Ajax & Ajax PRO) you can watch streams from Uniview cameras and NVRs as well as easily pause them to take screenshots. To connect your Uniview cameras/NVRs all you have to do is:

  • Log in to your Uniview account in the Video Surveillance tab
  • Select which camera stream you want to add to the Ajax or Ajax PRO app
  • Add a camera or NVR in the Devices tab
  • A pop-up menu will appear where you can name the camera & link it to a room
  • Choose a stream to watch in the Devices tab