5th November

The Best Baluns Around

CCTV baluns, also known as UTC baluns, allow traditional Coax cable to be replaced by Cat 5 or Cat 6 network cable in CCTV installations. Our wonderful range of superior BalunKing baluns provide you with an alternative way to upgrade a CCTV surveillance system without having to spend extra money on recabling.

Compatible with HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD, & Analogue cameras, BalunKing really is the number 1 choice for CCTV installers. The use of superior materials and components together with the latest patented transmission technology means you will get a much better image, every time.

BalunKing baluns are made up of a 100% copper coil, a solid board, solid copper connection, highly effective insulation, and push-in connectors.

Don't let a balun be the difference in winning more business, take a look at our range of high quality baluns today.