28th March

Click System Baluns

We know that Baluns aren't the most exciting product we sell, but let's not put them down. If you're not sure what a Balun is in CCTV terms it basically allows traditional coax cable to be replaced with CAT5 and other forms of twisted pair wire in CCTV installations. By using video baluns UTP wire such as CAT5 can be run over longer distances easier than coax cable and for less money (who doesn't want to save money?!).

Our Baluns now operate on a click system, meaning your life as an installer is about to get a lot easier. The new click system means that you can now click all the baluns on your system together so that you can easily manage the quantity as well as creating a neat installation for your end user, it's a win win!​

You can check out our HD Balun range here.