14th July


With regulations announced that masks are compulsory for shoppers in England, we’d like to highlight the mask detection technology that’s built into the Face & Wrist fever screening terminals available at CCTVdirect.

These regulations state that from the 24th July it is compulsory for people entering shops to have a mask/face covering. Using the face and wrist terminals, you can alert these users without having to have a member of staff present at the time using a visual cue & on-screen notification. 

When mask detection is selected, visitors simply approach the terminal, for their face to be scanned and once users have placed their wrist into position and their temperature is read they will be instructed to wear a mask or if they’re wearing a mask already for them to proceed.

This is not only a contact-free process with no risk of contamination but also a process that does not require a member of staff to be present, freeing up time for staff to work in different areas. To show how easy this process is, we’ve put together a short video so you can see the solution in action.
For more information on this fever screening solution, contact the team on the following:
0845 3701 999 or email salesteam@cctvdirect.co.uk