19th July

What are the benefits of a Uniview NVR?

What are the benefits of using our Uniview NVRs we hear you ask? Let us tell you some of the top reasons to buy these wonderful Network Video Recorders.


Traditional analogue systems use coax cable, our NVRs can connect to  pre existing systems so you will not need to rewire anything! Products such as Veracity’s Highwire will turn your coax cabling into a high-speed Ethernet connection. This means that you can use the newest generation of IP camera systems without having to spend any money on new cables!


Accessing your CCTV system has never been easier, you'll be able to login to a secure server remotely using a web-based interface to view real-time footage!


Do you need to set up a CCTV surveillance system in a remote area or in a vicinity where cabling can be tricky? Our Uniview NVRs work hand in hand with VueNet’s wifi links which allows your camera and your NVR to connect wirelessly, All you need is line of site between your NVR and CCTV camera and your system will be set up in minutes!

Extra Features

Our Uniview NVRs can record at high IPS (images per second) and as a result of this, features such as motion detection are available.


Our NVRs work with wireless IP cameras which process video from analogue to digital internally meaning that if one camera fails it will not affect other cameras in the system or your NVR. This is a massive security benefit as it drastically reduces the likelihood of your whole system failing.

Like the sound of this? We thought so, have a look at our UNV NVRs to see which is the best one to suit your needs!