5th February

IK ratings explained

As we’ve seen on the CCTVdirect blog, IP (Ingress Protection) ratings relate to protection from water and solid objects - click/tap here if you missed it!  

So. what do IK ratings mean?
IK (Impact protection) ratings relate to impact resistance, the higher the number the better the protection against impact, it’s as simple as that!

An IK10 rating on a camera, means that it’s protected against 20 joules on impact, making it extremely safe & vandal proof, giving you peace of mind. Whereas an IK01 rating would mean the camera could only withstand 0.15 joules of impact.
We’ve put together a chart to show the difference between the IK ratings from IK01 to IK10 - see above.

There are several cameras available here at CCTVdirect that offer the highest IK rating of IK10.
These include the Uniview IP dome cameras, making them great for environments with a high risk of vandalism. 

For more info on our Uniview IP dome cameras, head over to the product section of our website.