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Macroscop the leading VMS Solution that is 4 times more efficient!

CCTVdirect are happy to announce their new partnership with Macroscop one of the worlds Leading VMS suppliers.

Macroscop is up to 4 times more efficient than any other VMS IP platform on the market. It can record from 1 to 1000 IP cameras at up to 10MP and utilises 4 x less system resources than most leading VMS providers, which allows more cameras per server.

The Macroscop works seamlessly with all leading IP brands such as Axis, Hikvision, Hyperflex and Samsung. The software offers a range of advanced analytic features such as ANPR, people counting, facial recognition and heat-maps.

For more information about the Macroscop call our team on 0845 370 1999 or email

New Year, New Hyperflex Range

Early 2015 CCTVdirect will be enhancing the Hyperflex range of IP cameras and recorders with the introduction of the incredible new Cobra M3 NVR. Based on its predecessor this ALL new NVR boasts recording resolutions up to 3 MP and offers incredible image reproduction speed and ease of use at a very cost effective price. This NVR may have the same chassis as its predecessor but its got a whole new engine with performance levels that look set to leave others standing…