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Samsung WiseNet Lite Offers a well known Branded Alternative...

We have recently heard from several installers who have quoted a low cost popular Chinese brand (you know the one) its reasonable quality and superb value but they did not win the job because they ended up competing with other installers offering the same identical solution! We all drive different cars, live in different houses, like different foods so why do so many installers now try to offer the same solution!

How can one differentiate ones business and add value as an installer if the perceived end result is the same, you cant! That's why we have seen a shift back to other manufacturers who can now compete with the above and offer incredible value, image and above all brand recognition that the end user may just appreciate if they have 3 practically identical quotes to consider!

As an alternative why not consider the Samsung Wise Net Lite 2MP Range it offers everything your customers could need from a well known and universally trusted Security brand:

2016 a year of product consolidation or rapid change?

Happy New Year to all our friends and customers. 2016 will be a year of consolidation in the CCTV industry. last year was an incredibly challenging period in the CCTV industry as many new technologies, formats, advancements literally came from nowhere many of which just confused the installer and made what was once a simple choice become quite a challenge to select the right kit for the installation!

The competing HD platforms will be be a thing of the past by the turn of the year with just one or two competing technologies, our prediction is TVI and AHD will eventually dominate. IP CCTV will continue to mature and develop as it is the platform of choice for all new especially larger installations and this can only continue to expand as the technology becomes easier to access and more cost effective.

At CCTVdirect we have a number of new products that will be available early 2016 like our cost effective new 32Ch Hyperflex IP NVR and our new autofocus 6MP Hyperflex range. For everyday installations we believe the TwilightPro HD-Turbo TVI range will dominate the market, offering incredibly low light images even in total darkness featuring DDT technology and auto-focus vari-focal lenses, meaning less installation time and totally flexibility for the user! Watch this space for more information re our new 2016 product launches…