6th January


The Ajax Intrusion range is growing, last month we saw the release of the MotionProtect Curtain, if you haven't heard about it you've come to the right place!

We've put together a quick guide to give you an overview of the MotionProtect Curtain, where to use it and how it integrates with your existing Ajax system! 

The MotionProtect Curtain, is a curtain intruder detector which is designed to protect valuables from intruders using a narrow beam over windows, doors and corridors.

Perimeter protection
The nature of this product allows the occupants inside the premises to move freely within the building without activating a device or setting off the alarm.

Therefore, this makes it perfect for installing behind a door, in a garage or other restricted areas.

The device detects motion up to an impressive 15 meters which allows the device to be installed in such a variety of different settings.

Not only this, you can install the MotionProtect Curtain up to 1,700 meters away from the hub or even further when using alongside the Rex range extender. 

Proprietary Optical Technology

This sophisticated product uses proprietary optical technology, this has been developed to eliminate false alarms and ensure the device works effectively and accurately.

Install the MotionProtect Curtain in under two minutes:

Simply scan the QR code, affix the angle mount bracket depending on location and you're good to go! 

As with the rest of the intrusion range, the MotionProtect Curtain is pet-friendly, making it perfect for households with larger dogs.

For more information on this sophisticated device from Ajax, tap the links below!

AJAX MotionProtect Curtain Black 
AJAX MotionProtect Curtain White