1st May

VueNet LSOH internal Cat5 cable

What does LSOH (Low Smoke Halogen Free) mean?
VueNet LSOH is internal Cat5 cable, which because of its thermoplastic construction emits limited smoke and no halogen when exposed to high sources of heat such as fire.

What regulations are there?
According to Part B of The Building Regulations, a leading planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales:

"The primary danger associated with fire in its early stages is not flame but the smoke and noxious gases produced by the fire. They cause most of the casualties and may also obscure the way to escape routes and exits. Measures designed to provide safe means of escape must, therefore, provide appropriate arrangements to limit the rapid spread of smoke and fumes."
Therefore, it’s important for the smoke that’s produced when the cable is exposed to high heat such as a fire is minimal as with VueNet LSOH.

This compared with other cable alternatives such as LSF (Low Smoke & Fume) cables which give off large amounts of black smoke, which not only reduce visibility, obscuring exit routes but emits the harmful gas hydrogen chloride.
Where can I use LSOH?
As with VueNet Cat5e cable, the cable can be used with IP, HD TVI as well as analogue installations. Using the high-quality LSOH cable means that you can also install above fire exits which is a great time saver when installing.

Don’t compromise with the safety on your installations and choose VueNet LSOH (Low Smoke Halogen Free) internal Cat5 cable, you can find more information here.