13th December


In this blog, we’re going to be looking at three intelligent products which are designed to make your life as an installer easier.

The new Transmission products from VueNet have proved to be really popular since their release so we wanted to let you know why!

The new range is suited to help with tricky IP installations, such as scenarios where you may need to add another camera, extended an existing system or to update an existing system to IP.

Let’s jump in and take a look at the new range!
PoE Ethernet Extender

First up is the PoE Ethernet Extender, this device will allow you to cascade 3 devices and extend transmission distances up to an impressive 400m! The PoE Ethernet Extender is really easy to install as it's plug play. Don’t worry about there being any time delay with footage as there is no time delay plus there’s Anti-ESD & Anti-Surge Protection.

PoE over COAX Extender

Next is the PoE over COAX Extender which is perfect for when you’re updating an old analogue system to IP and not wanting the hassle of having to re-cable. The Extenders can transfer signal up to 300m with existing COAX cable and up to 400m when using the 10Mbps setting. This device really is a lifesaver which is sure to save you time and money on-site!
2 Port Ethernet Repeater

Lastly is the 2 port ethernet repeater. This product, like the PoE over COAX Extender is perfect for when you don’t want to re-cable & want to add a camera to an existing system. Simply plug and play using the 1x PoE input to output 2x ports. It’s as simple as that, you don’t even need a power supply! The excellent circuit isolation protection improves lightning protection, anti-ESD & anti-interface ability. The 2 Port PoE Repeater has been designed to meet the IEEE 802.3af & IEEE 802.3at standards.

Undoubtedly this new range is a great solution to a range of different scenarios, to view the full range of the new VueNet Transmission just click here