9th March

128ch NVR coming soon!

The legendary Warrior is an enterprise grade NVR from one of the world's leading IP solution manufacturers. With a whole host of features, including the ability to support up to an incredible 128 cameras and a whopping 48 HDDs, this beast definitely has what it takes and more to support higher end applications. Delivering up to 288TB of recording capacity, no corners need to be cut!

Featuring hot-swap RAID 5 and up to 14 HDMI outputs (with additional cards) enhanced intelligent VCA N+1 backup and a variety of other new functions, makes the Warrior the perfect choice for all large systems looking for a cost effective solution with an impressive 512Mbs!

The Warrior benefits from a hot-swappable redundant power supply just like the best server based solutions making this so much more than just an NVR. What this means is your system will run even if your power supply fails!

The capabilities of this machine are endless, it can decode up to 112ch at 1080P HD video with up to 14 HDMI screens and all cameras that are connected can be monitored with multiple screens in real time, including key areas making it easier to act if something happens. Recording resolutions of up to 4K mean you can add cameras today and in the future and The Warrior is capable of accepting any ONVIF camera and has zero configuration if using UNV!

This powerful machine will be coming to CCTVdirect in 2017.