16th July

UNV Features

Cloud Upgrade
Save time and money by not having to return back to site and upgrade NVRs remotely. Cloud upgrades allow you to easily upgrade NVRs with the latest firmware by upgrading directly through the internet.
Uniview’s U-code deep compression technology reduces bandwidth by up to 95% without compromising image quality, saving you money on HDD storage.
Line Crossing Detection
Line Crossing Detection allows you to add a virtual trip wire over your CCTV image and configure so you’re notified as soon as something crosses the line. This is great for driveways or perimeters of a building to ensure that you’re alerted as soon as somebody attempts to enter a property.

Intrusion Zones
Similar to line crossing detection, Intrusion Zones allow you to set an area that when something crosses into the area, you’ll receive a notification.
This is best suited to situations where you only want to be notified when somebody enters a certain area of the image, such as an area of a car park or a restricted zone on a property.

Face Detection
The intelligent Face Detection feature allows you to detect any faces that have been captured within the footage. The technology also allows you to select a face and watch on playback any footage where the face appears.

People Counting
The People Counting feature is great for retail settings or at events when you want to monitor the amount of people in an area. The technology can keep track of how many people enter an area and also how many leave, giving accurate and reliable data behind how many people may be located in one area such as a venue or a shop.

Corridor Mode
Corridor Mode is a function which alters the field of view of a camera to suit narrow situations. The mode adjusts the image from the camera so that it shows a vertical image. This makes it great for settings such as hallways, tunnels, alleyways and modes of transport such as trains.

Autofocus cameras utilise an integrated zoom & focus platform. 

Extended Transmission
Extended Transmission means that you can run cable up to an impressive 300m - great for large properties.

Multi Stream 
The entire Uniview camera range support Multi Stream - This allows the camera to encode three streams all at the same time.

Wide Dynamic Range
120db Wide Dynamic Range function means that if an image is light in one area and dark in another the camera will balance the light for one clear image.