10th March


UNV AI Smart Analytics is now available!

Smart analytics are now available across compatible UNV cameras and recorders.

The new UI Smart Analytics from UNV enables you to distinguish between types of vehicles and pedestrians. This allows for accurate alerts and reduces false alarms.

The new firmware allows for alerts to be sent through Intrusion & line cross and detects different types of vehicle, between motor vehicles such as cars, Non-motor vehicles such as bikes & pedestrians.

As an example, operators can highlight an area they want as a people restricted area, this will allow for cars etc to be in that area but will send alerts only when a pedestrian is seen. These intelligent analytics are second to none and are invaluable when ensuring reliable alerts and notifications.

We’ve put together this video so you can see this technology in action!
If you’re looking for UNV AI compatible products, keep an eye out for the AI symbol on a host of the products found on the IP section of our website.


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