15th March

UNV Live Demo Wows Again

The return of our UNV Live Demonstration Evening certainly didn't disappoint. On the evening our team set up various bays on the driving range to show off the cameras in the harshest of light conditions.

The bays showed off our UNV Ultra Starlight F1.2 lens 50m IR bullet against the popular Hikvision Darkfighter bullet. When we killed the lights on the range, everyone who attended was interested to see that our UNV bullet stayed in full colour whilst the Hikvision Darkfighter bullet went into IR mode.

Also exhibited on the night was an up & coming UNV product, the new 5MP Starlight Fixed Lens Turret vs the Hikvision 5MP Turret! Proving itself to be an extremely worthy contender, especially due to the clear crisp colour image the UNV Turret created.

Keep an eye out for the next CCTVdirect event. You won't want to miss it.

You don't need to hear from us how good our range is, but our customer's words speak volumes...
"Once again you put on a great presentation & display. We are already dedicated to UNV & plan to offer UNV IP PoE systems as our only IP range."

"Our customers are amazed at the pure quality of this entire range. You really can't beat quality."
"It's hard to say what the best part was. The live demo was absolutely incredible!"

"It was great to see how this range is expanding in the near future. Lots of different options for future installations!"