9th July

Why buy a Cobra DVR?

Our Cobra DVRs provide up to 1080p recording, which means you will be gifted with unrivalled image quality. The Cobra Universal HD TVI recorder will provide you with a phenomenal performance when you couple it with any of our compatible Twilight Pro HD TVI or Twilight Pro Autofocus Advanced HD TVI cameras.

The Cobra range is packed with numerous high-end features, is straightforward to use, simple to navigate and takes no time at all to set up GUI. Playback and backing your data up has never been as efficient or effortless and you'll have the option to use the Smart Search feature, saving you time when you need to find some footage.

Each unit has a built in DDNS and with its Auto Port Forwarding, you can be online in minutes. Use the fast and easy to navigate Smarteyes Pro mobile app to benefit from Live View, Playback and Snapshot features all from your mobile devices. It also comes with a free VMS viewing platform, allowing you to view multiple sites together on a single PC software.

We've also upgraded the entire range giving you even more installation options. Our Cobra range now accepts extra IP cameras, meaning you can provide your customers with a fully integrated HD TVI and IP system.

Convinced? Thought so. If you want to find out more about our Cobra DVRs, give us a call on 0845 3701 999 and speak to one of our experts.