29th September

Wireless Alarm Systems for Farms

Farm security has always come with several unique difficulties, the large area, limitless access points, half of which can’t be blocked off due to public rights of way, the general isolation and the fact that they tend to contain valuable equipment and materials making them shining beacons for thieves who know what they’re doing. Wireless security systems for farms address an awful lot of these issues. Add in the intelligent systems which alert the owner only when activity is detected and successfully monitoring a farm is becoming a much more reasonable task.

The Unique Challenges for Farm Security Systems


Limited Power Options

Outbuildings that don’t have mains power or ethernet cable can cause issues, so finding a system that can run on alternative power supplies becomes essential to ensure complete coverage.  


It’s not just power that becomes an issue when it comes to farm security systems covering large distances, CCTV cameras usually rely on cabling, and those that don’t usually aren’t very secure, or particularly high quality. As such to cover a large area with CCTV you’d need an incredible amount of CAT5e or CAT6 cable for PoE systems, which would be the easiest wired option. New wireless security systems such as AJAX (which we’ll talk about more a little later), have some new innovative solutions like their Outdoor Motion Cam, which has anti tamper mechanisms built in. But, until recently this wasn’t an option.

Entry angles

The sheer scale of building security systems for farms is a pressing challenge, of course anything can be done with unlimited budget, but depending on outbuilding positioning monitoring all possible approaches can become farcically expensive.

Wildlife and Livestock

Intelligent systems have reduced the amount of time that people need to spend watching cameras to maximise their effectiveness. That said, this only works if animals don’t set the cameras motion detectors off every 5 seconds. And, many systems aren’t actually very good at filtering for animals, despite their claims. Then there is always the question of, whether or not you want to know every time an animal goes past the camera. What if it’s livestock that’s gotten out? Maybe that’s useful, or a pest, again, potentially useful, but it’s highly unlikely anybody wants to know every time a sparrow lands near the camera. AJAX does have sensitivity settings and tends to be substantially more effective at filtering than almost anything else on the market.

Why AJAX is an Ideal Solution for your Farm Security Systems

AJAX addresses most of the problems that we’ve mentioned so far and offers a wide range of modular security products making it easy to design a customised alarm system for farms.

Long Range

AJAX’s products will work 1700m away from the main hub, and can be further boosted a further 1800 with each REX adapter. That means you can have motion detectors, cameras and alarms running on batteries that last 3 years, that can alert you in 3.5 seconds to an intruder miles away.  

Battery Power

The long life of the AJAX systems internal batteries mean you can set up motion activated cameras and motion detectors then not worry about them for years.

Intelligent Sensors

AJAX has been designed in a way which means that animals don’t set it off (unless they’re distinctly human shaped), and seeing as we’re talking about wireless farm security systems, livestock setting off alarms could become more than a little irritating after the 30th time.

Low Voltage Power Supply

The main hub and rex adapters do require actual power, they will run on their battery power for 35 hours, but they can be adapted to run on 12v power supplies allowing for none cabled options.

Camera Options

Running cabling around a farm can be a nightmare and eminently impractical, wifi cameras can sometimes be an option, but a lot of these aren’t particularly tamper proof, AJAX motion cams provide a solution to that. They are tamper proof and have 3 year battery life, they’re motion activated and take a series of stills rather than complete video, this allows the transmission to be sent to you in seconds.
This isn’t the only option with AJAX however, the system can be integrated with most of the mainstream CCTV manufacturers, like UNV, Hikvision and Dahua allowing you to manage the system from just one app.

Fire & Flood

Whilst, not always considered as part of a security set up AJAX systems also offer both flood and fire sensors (the later covering both CO2, heat and smoke) being able to conveniently add these systems in is a fantastic advantage.

The easiest set up imaginable

This is the bit that matters, it takes seconds to set up an AJAX system, peripherals are very easy to add, simply open your AJAX app, scan the items QR code then stick it up. It will sync with your system instantly. So, if you decide you want to add on any extras it’s not a big job.

Why Farms Need Security



Farm equipment is expensive, it may not be the easiest to sell once stolen, but that doesn’t seem to stop it happening. Active security, alarms and cameras are a deterrent, but the best deterrent is you knowing what’s going on and being able to do something about it.


Animals get out, animals you don’t want to get in can get in. This is always going to be an issue. Security systems can be set up to help with that.


Whether it’s predetermined vandals, or callous teenagers breaking into outbuildings, vandalism is always going to be an issue for any remote building. Any visible security is normally enough to put a stop to the vast majority of this.

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