Ajax MultiTransmitter White

Ajax MultiTransmitter White

The Ajax MultiTransmitter is an integration module with 18 wired zones for connecting third-party devices to an Ajax System.
  • Connection to a hub at a distance of up to 2,000 meters
  • Alarm delivery in 0.15 seconds
  • Works up to 3 years on a pre-installed battery
  • Easy & quick set up
  • Available in Black & White
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The MultiTransmitter allows for 18 zones/devices to be integrated to an Ajax system taking an outdated wired system to a modern smartphone-controlled security system. By replacing the old control panel, and using a Hub makes the wired devices fully fledged Ajax devices.

Using the MultiTransmitter allows for users to connect multiple types of detectors such as Radio wave detectors, domestic gas detectors, liquid level detectors, IR barriers plus more. This makes the MultiTransmitter a great solution to those who want to expand their current traditional alarm system.

Key Information:
  • Number of alarm/tamper zones: 18
  • Alarm signals processing mode: Pulsed or bistable
  • Dimensions:196 x 238 x 100 mm

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