Ajax GlassProtect - Glass Break Detector - White
Ajax GlassProtect - Glass Break Detector - White

Ajax GlassProtect - Glass Break Detector - White

Take your security to the next level the new generation of Wireless alarms. The Ajax GlassProtect is a Wireless Glass Break Detector that notifies of glass being broken by intruders. It's best installed at a distance of 9m from the window & filters events that cause false alarms about breakage with the ability to ignore thunder, dogs barking and noise outside a window.
  • Protects Entrances from Break-Ins
  • Sends Alarms to Your Smartphone
  • Built-In Tampering Alarm
  • Ignores Thunder/Barking Dogs & Noise
  • Detects Breakages from 9m
  • 7 Year Battery Life
  • Available in Black & White
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The GlassProtect from Ajax Systems, the most awarded wireless security system in Europe, is a Wireless Glass Break Detector. The device helps to secure the room from intruders entering through doors and windows and monitors the current state of the glass.

The GlassProtect will automatically detect breakage at up to 9m as well as having the ability to filter false alarms caused by thunder, dogs barking or the sound of passing traffic. Its clever technology detects broken glass using an electret microphone, which registers the sound of impact against the glass and of the glass falling.

Simplicity is key, the GlassProtect is ready to operate straight out of the box: the battery is already installed, meaning there is no need to disassemble the detector. With just one click, it can be connected to the hub in the smartphone app & can be mounted on the SmartBracket in just a few minutes.

A required authentication means your system is prevented from forgery as well as including a tampering alarm, jamming detection and communication channels encryption.

Key Information:
  • Power Supply: CR123A Battery
  • Power Supply Voltage: 3V
  • Battery Life: 7 Years
  • Dimensions: 20mm x 90mm
  • Detection Distance: 9m (Glass)

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