VueNet Transmission PoE over Coax Extender

VueNet Transmission PoE over Coax Extender

VueNet's PoE over Coax Extender allows you to transfer Ethernet signal up to 300m using existing Coaxial cable without having to re-cable your installation site. This is the perfect product for those looking to update an old Analogue CCTV system with a new IP CCTV system.
  • Transfer 60Mbps bi-direction Ethernet via Coax
  • Power Signal up to 400m Using 10Mbps Setting
  • Low Network Latency - >20us
  • Supports Networking Standards
  • Plug & Play - No Software Needed
  • Easy Installation Possibilities
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VueNet's PoE over Coax Extender can easily transfer Ethernet signal and power using Ethernet or Coaxial cable. Consisting of 2 units, the SV (NVR/Switch side) and the IPC (IP Camera side) & this is all you will need to convert an existing HD/Analogue CCTV system into an IP CCTV system without having to re-cable the site.

The device can transfer the Ethernet signal and power up to 300m through the Coaxial cable and up to 400m when using the 10Mbps setting, with network latency less than 20us.

The PoE over Coax Extender has been designed to meet the power supply in long-distance HD IP transmission and also meets the IEEE 802.3af & IEEE 802.3at standards.

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