VueNet EasyCrimp Rapid Fit RJ45 Crimp Tool
VueNet EasyCrimp Rapid Fit RJ45 Crimp Tool

VueNet EasyCrimp Rapid Fit RJ45 Crimp Tool

Time is money, so save yourself tonnes with the VueNet EasyCrimp RJ45 tool. This heavy duty, rapid fit RJ45 crimping tool with a built-in cable cutter & cable stripper will save you time & money on site, making those cabling jobs much easier. Supplied in a storage box for easy storage in your tool kit, it definitely walks the walk & talks the talk!
  • Compact design
  • Trims wires flush with connector end
  • Works on feed-thru
  • Standard & shielded modular plugs
  • For Cat5 & Cat6 RJ45 connectors
  • Easier plug assembly with feed-thru design
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The EasyCrimp is a simple, compact and highly effective crimp tool for installers that terminate RJ45 connectors regularly. Instead of another traditional oversized, heavy, crimp tool style loaded with features that are rarely used or that just don't work well. A single crimp cavity for RJ45 that can be used with feed-thru, standard, or shielded connectors for Cat5 or Cat6.

With a custom, heavy duty cutting blade that will last for over 2,000 cuts, a mechanical design that requires only 1/3 of the hand force of traditional tools to crimp the connector, no ratchet mechanism is needed and one handed crimping is possible.

Open-end feed-thru connectors offer several advantages over standard closed end connectors. Conductor order can be verified prior to crimping. Conductors that feed-thru the connector are inserted far enough to be pierced by the pin below. The cable can be pushed or pulled into the connector to ensure that the twisted pairs are as close to the pin contacts as possible and that the jacket is seated beyond the primary strain relief for a secure connection.

This tool deserves a spot in your tool kit.