Luminite Relay Control Unit

Luminite Relay Control Unit

The Luminite Relay Control Unit provides physical alarm and tamper outputs for DVR and alarm systems. 8 zones expandable to 16 with the expander module (LGRM8) with volt free relay outputs.

  • 8 Zones
  • Expandable to 16
  • Volt Free Relay Output
  • 64 Alarm Contacts
  • 64 Tamper Contacts
  • Compatible With Most Systems
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The LGRU16 & control interface relay units provide physical alarm and tamper outputs for DVR and Alarm systems.

Between one and four LGRU16 relay units can be connected with a single masthead receiver to provide the maximum of 64 alarm and 64 tamper contacts.

The LGRU16 is supplied with one LGRM8 relay module which provides 8 alarm and 8 tamper relay contacts that can be interfaced to virtually any alarm system. A further LGRM8 module can be added to increase it to 16 alarm and 16 tamper outputs.