Veracity Highwire Ethernet over Coax

Veracity Highwire Ethernet over Coax

HIGHWIRE allows IP network cameras to communicate over existing Coax. HIGHWIRE supports mega-pixel cameras, uses legacy cables and cuts your installation costs. It's highly reliable and very easy to install.
  • Need 2 units for installation
  • Supports multiple IP cameras (with switch)
  • Fully automatic
  • Up to 300m on RG59
  • Up to 500m on RG11
  • Powered by legacy PSU
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You will need to purchase 2 units to complete installation.

There are many reasons as to why you should be using HIGHWIRE, one of which is that it massively reduces installation cost. HIGHWIRE uses legacy analogue video cabling, there's no IP address or other set up required, it supports mega-pixel cameras, supports any network device and has a filly transparent 100Base-T Ethernet, it has full speed over 300m of RG59 and its compact nature fits inside camera housings whilst also having a flexible low voltage input meaning you can use old camera supply.

HIGHWIRE basically turns any existing analogue video cable (coax) into a high-speed ethernet connection. This allows a networked IP camera to replace an analogue CCTV camera without the installation of any new cabling! This means that the investment in the original cabling (usually around 30% of any system installation cost) can be retained and exploited for new-generation IP camera systems.

HIGHWIRE is especially suited to mega-pixel IP camera applications or even multiple IP cameras as it supports high data rates.

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