Veracity Highwire Powerstar Base Unit

Veracity Highwire Powerstar Base Unit

Highwire Powerstar uses existing coax cable to connect and power IP cameras without cabling costs. This is easy to use and fast to install.
  • Reuse existing coax cable
  • Reliably power PoE+ cameras (25W)
  • Fully automatic
  • Cost effective installation
  • Full 100Base-T Ethernet performance
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A true plug and play solution for connecting and powering IP cameras over legacy coaxial cabling. Please note that you also have to purchase the Highwire Powerstar Camera unit or the Highwire Powerstar Duo to complete installation.

Highwire Powerstar adds the convenience of PoE over Coax technology and gives you the reassurance of SafeView monitoring which displays the power available at the base unit without access the remote equipment. With no need to configure IP addresses, set DIP switches or make awkward measurements and calculations, installing Highwire Powerstar is so straight forward, all you need to do is plug it in.

In the most simple implementation, the base unit receives PoE power from a standard PoE switch or injector and transmits it down the coax. The camera unit receives this power and forwards it on to the IP camera. No external power cabling is required and all detection and setup occurs automatically. If PoE is not available, or for an extra power boost at either end of the cable, just connect the optional power supply.

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