Veracity Highwire Powerstar Duo

Veracity Highwire Powerstar Duo

HIGHWIRE Powerstar Duo connects two IP cameras over an existing coax cable. The handy unit uses existing cabling as a reliable Ethernet network connection and is very easy to use and fast to install.
  • Reuse existing coax cable for x2 IP
  • Instantly check connection with SafeView
  • Completely automatic connection
  • No config required
  • 100BaseTX performance over 300m of RG59
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A true plug and play solution for connecting and powering IP cameras over legacy coaxial cabling. Please note that you also have to purchase the HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base Side to complete installation.

HIGHWIRE Powerstar Duo's unique low-power design and efficient power delivery enables long range Ethernet over coax. It works even over the lowest grade cable, such as the high-resistance, copper-clad steel (CCS) types found in many legacy installations. This means that legacy coax upgrades can be planned with confidence, while a quick check of the SafeView power level display reaffirms that the device connections will continue to be reliable, whatever the cable used.

For predictable network operation with no restrictions, Highwire technology delivers a full 200Mbit/s of bandwidth at 300m (1000ft) of RG59 or 500m (1600ft) of RG11 coax. The Duo variant of HIGHWIRE is designed for the camera end of the coax and, with an integrated two-port PoE switch, enables connection of two IP cameras over a single coax.

With no need to configure IP addresses, set DIP switches, or make awkward measurements and calculations, installing HIGHWIRE Powerstar Duo is simple. The base end of the coax is driven by single-channel, 4-channel or 8-channel HIGHWIRE Powerstar Base unit. The Duo unit can be powered either by PoE over Coax, delivering a maximum total PoE power budget of 25W, or by one of the option local PSUs, delivering 40 or 78W.

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