Veracity Longspan Lite Long Range Ethernet Extender

Veracity Longspan Lite Long Range Ethernet Extender

LONGSPAN LITE is a non-PoE full speed, long-range, point-to-point Ethernet extender link.
  • Requires 2 units
  • High performance over extreme temp
  • Fully automatic
  • Simple to install, maintenance free
  • Smart power & diagnostic display
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Please note that you will require 2 units for a complete installation.

IP cameras can demand peak network bandwidth of several times their average data rate while transmitting high-activity or low-light scenes. LONGSPAN has been designed to run IP cameras over 800 metres (2600 feet) of normal network cable, supporting the full 200Mbps required for 100Base-T Ethernet. The full-speed Ethernet provided by LONGSPAN ensures perfect image quality at critical moments, even at the longest cable ranges.

LONGSPAN self configures for the best performance every time it is connected. There is no user setup, no DIP switch settings and no system pairings are required.

LONGSPAN also supports 1-pair and 2-pair cable with extended range, so analogue cameras in UTP installations can now be upgraded to IP with no need to replace the installed cabling infrastructure. Veracity LONGSPAN technology automatically adapts to the number of pairs available, and delivers the same unrestricted 10 or 100Mbps full-duplex network connection, assuring predictable IP video quality each and every time.

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