Veracity PINPOINT IP Camera Setup Adapter

Veracity PINPOINT IP Camera Setup Adapter

PINPOINT makes PoE IP camera installation easy by powering the camera from PoE, yet allowing direct connection of a laptop or netbook for local image display.
  • View images close to camera
  • Adjust lens focus & viewing angle
  • No local power is required
  • Increases installation speed
  • Low cost & reusable
  • Installs in seconds, removes in seconds
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PINPOINT is an essential part of any IP camera installer's toolkit.

PINPOINT passes through PoE to the camera, but re-directs the network to a local RJ45 port for local image display on a netbook or laptop. No temporary local power source for the camera is required, as this nifty tool enables the camera to draw its power from the installed PoE network cabling, whilst re-directing the actual Ethernet network connection to a local laptop, netbook or even PDA.

The IP camera image and set-up parameters can be viewed on a browser (or specific camera software) running on the local computer device. With the camera image in close proximity to the camera itself, it allows precise adjustment of all of the variables with immediate feedback via the actual camera image. This means that the lens field of view, focus and camera viewing angle/direction can be very rapidly optimised and locked in position.

A flying lead connection to the camera and a clear connection diagram means PINPOINT insertion can be done in seconds. PINPOINT features integrated network crossover, so a standard network cable can be used to link the laptop or netbook. A 'PoE Enabled' LED provides visual confirmation that the camera is received power. Veracity's PINPOINT is compatible with standard PoE, and also most PoE+ and non-standard PoE up to 30W.

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