POINTSOURCE Wireless PoE Installation Tool with Wireless Link

POINTSOURCE Wireless PoE Installation Tool with Wireless Link

Install, configure, focus and align IP cameras with a wireless link to your tablet or phone.
  • Portable installation tool
  • Provide live demos on site
  • Local viewing wirelessly
  • Rapid & precise adjustments
  • Includes USB chargint point
  • Sufficient power for a day's work
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Portable PoE battery pack with removable, rechargeable battery module, for site installation of IP cameras and site surveys. POINTSOURCE WIRELESS has automatic camera discovery and wireless video to your smart phone or tablet, and is ideal for powering PoE IP cameras in-sity, when in-line PoE is not yet available. It also includes a convenient USB charging port for your phone or tablet.

The Veracity POINTSOURCE Wireless is a portable, battery-powered PoE injector providing wireless network access to the IP camera it is powering. It is connected directly to the camera using a standard Ethernet network cable. Delivering PoE to the camera the POINTSOURCE Wireless connects the IP camera to the embedded wireless access point. By logging into the wireless network, live video can be viewed wirelessly on a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

POINTSOURCE Wireless features automatic camera discovery, including ONVIF. It has a default network SSID with password and an IP address for accessing the device itself. These may be changed as required by the user. The wireless link can be switched between 2.4GHz and 5GHz. A reset function is available to reset the device to default factory settings. The wireless LED flashes as the unit boots up and is steady when the link is available. The PoE port LED shows when the camera is powered, whilst the network port LEDs indicate the wired link speed (10/100) and network activity.

Veracity provide a smart app called CAMPOINT (on iOS and Andriod) for IP camera configuration. This enables simple wireless viewing of video from one or more IP cameras on a smartphone or tablet. CAMPOINT runs on smartphones and tablets to make IP camera installations simple, fast and convenient to use.

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