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Face Detection Module

Face Detection Module

With the Face Detection module, you can automatically detect faces from the video stream. Contact your account manager to place an order for this module.
  • Contact us to order this module
  • Detect faces on camera image
  • Set parameters for facial detection
  • Search for faces in recorded footage
  • Server & licence required
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If your installation requires Face Detection, this is the perfect module for you. This gives you the ability to watch video fragments relating to when a specific face was detected, view video clips that show when the desired object appeared in the frame as well having the ability to search for and display all faces detected during a specific period of time.

Eocortex is a world leading IP VMS recording solution for any quantity of cameras and is compatible with all leading IP brands. The Eocortex open platform VMS solution not only delivers any recording requirement for any number of cameras but is also capable of doing much more.

Providing a powerful analytic solution, it allows you to create an all-round security system covering all bases. With this Face Detection module you can automatically detect faces from the video stream.