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Heat Mapping Module

Heat Mapping Module

With the Heat Mapping module you can evaluate volume of activity. Contact your account manager to place an order for this module.
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  • Useful in retail, warehousing & transport sites
  • Hot spot zones highlighted on screen
  • Automated report system
  • Server & licence required
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Perfect for easily evaluating volume of activity in retail, warehousing & transport infrastructure sites. This module permits traffic volumes to be evaluated & discovers where people tend to move about the most. Hot-spot zones are lit up in various colours, with red representing the busiest areas. You can also create automated management reports of the busiest areas within the camera's field of view.

You can use this module in a variety of ways, but one of the most popular ways is in retail where you can use heat mapping to understand the habits of your customers. You can effectively see how effective the goods layout is, as well as seeing the popularity of certain products in stores. This module also works very well in car showrooms to see which cars get the most footfall.

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Providing a powerful analytic solution, it allows you to create an all-round security system covering all bases. With this Heat Mapping module you can evaluate volume of activity.