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People Counting Module

People Counting Module

With the People Counting module, you can determine the number of people entering or exiting a specific location. Contact your account manager to place an order for this module.
  • Contact us to order this module
  • Accurately counts people/objects
  • Shows entry/exit data live on screen
  • Generates reports (CVS)
  • Server & licence required
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With the People Counting module you can create a powerful system that counts the number of objects coming in and going out of a particular location.

You can easily create reports & graphs broken down by hours, days, months & years based on the data from various cameras and export the data to CSV format.
Perfect for various installations in Retail, Banking & Finance, Cultural & Heritage, Airports, Buildings & Offices, Stadiums, Underground, Hotels, Casino's and anything else you can think of!

Providing a powerful analytic solution, it allows you to create an all-round security system covering all bases.

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