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Sequre Logiq Bespoke CCTV Server

Sequre Logiq Bespoke CCTV Server

Sequre Logiq has worked extensively with industry leading VMS manufactuerers to remove the limitations traditionally restricting server throughput creating the most powerful HD surviellance servers available on the market today.
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  • Servers are custom built
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  • 3 years onsite warranty
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As High Definition becomes the 'de facto' standard in professional IP security installations, Sequre Logiq brings the missing piece of the HD surviellance jigsaw to the industry, by manufacturing a range of hardware appliances specifically designed and optimised to efficiently store, transmit and display multiple streams of HD video.

The Secure Logiq product range encompasses what we believe to be the best industry fit for most HD surviellance server applications and together with Macroscop offers a phenomenally powerful HD VMS solution that can be utilised to record from 1-1000 cameras and can offer much more with its comprehensive suite of video analytics modules.

If you have any enquiries please get in touch with us and our sales and technical teams will work with you to ensure that you have the best product to maximise your IP CCTV systems potential to exceed your customer's expectations.