Single Camera License
MS 1

Single Camera License

Macroscop is a world leading VMS recording solution for any quantity of IP cameras from any manufacturer. You will need to purchase a license for each camera on the surveillance system.
  • IP VMS Software
  • Supports 1-1000 IP cameras
  • Up to 10 workstations
  • Up to 5 servers
  • Optional analytics available
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Macroscop is a world leading IP VMS recording solution for any quantity of cameras and is compatible with all leading IP brands. The Macroscop open platform VMS solution not only delivers any recording requirement for any number of cameras but is also capable of doing much more.

Providing a powerful analytic solution, it allows you to create an all-round security system covering all bases.

This camera license includes free updates with bonus free lifetime software updates at no additional future costs

The Macroscop desktop server comes pre installed with the Macroscop professional camera recording software. A camera licence must be purchased for each required camera.