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Uniview 2MP - Active Deterrence External Mini PTZ
Uniview 2MP - Active Deterrence External Mini PTZ

Uniview 2MP - Active Deterrence External Mini PTZ

This 2MP External Mini PTZ from UNV is perfect for surveying large areas, and with features such as 2-way audio, human body detection & strobe alerts mean you can do this effectively and efficiently. 
  • 2MP Resolution
  • 2.8-12mm Autofocus Motorised Lens
  • Strobe & Audio Warnings
  • LightHunter Technology
  • 50m Smart IR
  • 2-Way Audio - Built-in Microphone & Speaker
  • IP66 Weatherproof
  • Human Body Detection
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This 2MP External Active Deterrence Mini PTZ from UNV is perfect for surveying large areas and acting as a great visual deterrent using the red & blue strobe warning and pre-loaded voice alerts. With this camera, you’ll find human body detection, LightHunter technology, 50M Smart IR plus two-way audio meaning you can see, hear and speak – with help from the built-in speaker & microphone. 

Use built-in smart analytics for human body detection to send a push notification when unwanted visitors enter the field of view. Not only this, but the microphone within the camera will also allow you to listen in and to send a warning through the EZ view app to sound on the speaker in the PTZ.

Configure preset patrols on this Mini PTZ to ensure you have a consistent overview of the area and to ensure that a larger area is covered than what you would expect to have with a fixed camera.  The new LightHunter technology gives you a colour image in the lowest of light conditions, with a lux level of 0.001 LUX. The Pan range is 345° degrees so when installed you’ll have full coverage of the setting around the camera.  The IP66 Weatherproof IP rating also means installing this PTZ is suitable for even the harshest weather conditions. 

Set the PTZ to strobe red and blue plus give a visual warning, not only is the camera itself a great visual deterrent but the ability to strobe blue and red plus have an audio warning such as “You are in a prohibited area” would startle any intruder preventing any crime to occur. 

Key Features:
  • PTZ Preset Tours
Cover multiple locations in your scene by setting up a PTZ preset tour. The camera will alternate between each preset location.
  • 2 Way Audio
With the built-in microphone and speaker means users can operate and send a warning straight through the EZview app
  • Smart Analytics
As opposed to motion detection where any motion will trigger alerts, the human body detection technology will only trigger when somebody appears in view, increasing the accuracy of the alerts and eliminating false alarms.
  • Strobe & Audio Warnings
Use strobe & audio warnings to deter intruders and instruct them to leave. Select these audio warnings from a list of 10 voice commands to best suit the scenario. 


Want to know more?

EZView Mobile App - Andriod
EZView Mobile App is the mobile client for Andriod phones and tablets. 2-way audio is now enabled via the app.

Platform: Andriod
Current Version: See app listing
Notes: See app listing
Last Updated: See app listing


EZView Mobile App - iPhone
EZView Mobile App is the mobile client for Apple iPhone and iPad's. 2-way audio is now enabled via the app.

Platform: iOS
Current Version: See app listing
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EZStation is a fully featured video management software for both cameras & NVRs.

Platform: Windows
Current Version: v1102_B0061
Notes: Now supports EZDDNS
Last Updated: 05/12/17


EZPlugin allows web access to a UNV NVR via Safari on a Mac only.

Platform: MacOS
Current Version: v1198M-1.2.0
Notes: Please see installation guide in the download section.
Last Updated: 19/07/17


EZPlayer allows playback of UVRD files from IP camera SD cards.

Platform: Windows
Current Version: v1111_1.0.2
Notes: Now supports automatic playing of the next file, it also allows maximising the watermark detection window to full screen and now has optimised effects of playing low frame rate recordings.
Last Updated: 30/03/17


EZTools provides you with a set of tools, including a HDD calculator, that allow you to find, configure and address Uniview cameras & NVRs on the local network.

Platform: Windows
Current Version: v1103_B0010
Notes: Now supports HDD calculation for U-CODE
Last Updated: 02/06/17


Uniview Camera Firmware
Please note that the firmware available on the cloud may be newer than the version available to download here.

Platform: N/A
Current Version: IPC-D1201-B5020P30D1607
Last Updated: 24/08/17


Cable Length Limits
The below information is intended as a general guide. Actual performance will depend on environmental conditions such as EM interference and quality of mains power supply.

CAT5e: 100m
CAT6: 100m