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Uniview 8 Channel PoE NVR
Uniview 8 Channel PoE NVR
Uniview 8 Channel PoE NVR
Uniview 8 Channel PoE NVR
Uniview 8 Channel PoE NVR

Uniview 8 Channel PoE NVR

CCTV recording just got much easier with Uniview's 8 Channel Network Video Recorder. With super easy Plug & Play technology, simply plug up to 8 IP CCTV camera's in to this NVR and you're ready to go. With a fully integrated mobile app, you can view your CCTV wherever you are, whether it's your home whilst you're on holiday or keeping an eye on your work premises, you can keep it all secure with UNV.
  • 8ch Video/Audio 8MP Recording
  • Power over Ethernet on each port
  • 8MP Recording Resolution
  • 1 HDD bay - up to 10TB storage
  • Industry leading 30W per port
  • Fully featured mobile app - EZView
  • ONVIF compatibility
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Bringing you the very latest technologically advanced compact NVR with an incredible 8MP output, Uniview's 8 Channel Network Video Recorder offers super easy Plug & Play IP technology with 8 Power over Ethernet (PoE) network interfaces with up to 30 Watts per port. Protecting your property just got a lot easier with UNV's H.265 compression technology which allows much more footage to be stored on your HDD, significantly increasing the volume of recorded footage & saving you money on additional HDD storage, something other products on the market cannot offer you.

UNV's optimised deep compression technology, U-Code, reduces bandwidth by up to 95% with no details missing. Using Intelligent Region Perception to detect motion in each frame, the scenes containing interesting information are preserved while the other relatively static areas such as grass & white walls will be compressed to save storage. To put it in to perspective, if you had a 8 camera UNV system using 5MP cameras recording 24/7 at full 25fps framerate with a 2TB HDD, normally you would get 7 days straight recording, but with the H.265 U-Code technology, you would get 29 days recording with the same set up. It's a no brainer!

The 8ch NVR also boasts a massive selection of features to make your life much easier, including:
  • Smart Search
​Quickly find any specific movements that have been captured in a scene within the recorded footage.
  • Cloud Upgrades
Ensure your Network Video Recorder is always up to date with the latest firmware by easily upgrading directly over the internet or through the app.
  • P2P Cloud Service
Save time setting up your NVR by easily scanning the QR code, connecting to the UNV cloud service & your device is set up.
  • EZView Mobile App
View your CCTV anywhere in the world with the EZView mobile app. Watch playback or live stream with ease to ensure your property is secure when you're not there.

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EZView Mobile App - Android
EZView Mobile App is the mobile client for Android phones and tablets. 2-way audio is now enabled via the app.

Platform: Android
Current Version: See app listing
Notes: See app listing
Last Updated: See app listing


EZView Mobile App - iPhone
EZView Mobile App is the mobile client for Apple iPhone and iPad's. 2-way audio is now enabled via the app.

Platform: iOS
Current Version: See app listing
Notes: See app listing
Last Updated: See app listing


EZStation is a fully featured video management software for both cameras & NVRs.

Platform: Windows
Current Version: v3.0.7
Notes: Fixes bug with automatic time zone update; performance improvements.
Last Updated: 09/07/2018


EZStation for MAC
EZStation is a fully featured video management software for both cameras & NVRs. This download allows you to use EZStation on a Mac.

Platform: Mac
Current Version: EZStation_1113-1.0.3
Notes: First release
Last Updated: 07/03/18


EZPlugin allows web access to a UNV NVR via Safari on a Mac only.

Platform: MacOS
Current Version: v1198M-1.2.0
Notes: Please see installation guide in the download section.
Last Updated: 19/07/17


EZPlayer allows playback of UVRD files from IP camera SD cards.

Platform: Windows
Current Version: v1111_1.0.2
Notes: Now supports automatic playing of the next file, it also allows maximising the watermark detection window to full screen and now has optimised effects of playing low frame rate recordings.
Last Updated: 30/03/17


EZTools provides you with a set of tools, including a HDD calculator, that allow you to find, configure and address Uniview cameras & NVRs on the local network.

Platform: Windows
Current Version: v1103_B0010
Notes: Now supports HDD calculation for U-CODE
Last Updated: 02/06/17


Uniview NVR Firmware
Please note that the firmware available on the cloud may be newer than the version available to download here.

Model: UNVR301-04-P4
Current Version: B3223P40
Notes: Adds support for remotely connected cameras, POS and SNMP time. Start and end times are now in the filename of backed up files. Network bandwidth statistics are viewable from the web page.
Last Updated: 23/08/2018