From Twilight Pro HD TVI CCTV Cameras and CCTV DVRs to industry leading Baluns, we've got something for all installation needs. Our Twilight Pro Transport Video Interface or TVI Cameras offer an ideal solution for people looking to upgrade from an analogue CCTV System to a higher definition or replace an existing camera without changing the entire system.
What is a TVI Camera?

A TVI Camera is an analogue CCTV camera, designed to work on systems predating the more commonly used IP CCTV cameras. HD TVI technology was developed by Techpoint who released the current standard in 2014. As it stands TVI allows for resolutions from 720p to 4k over the same coax cable.
Can I connect Twilight Pro CCTV to my existing analogue CCTV camera system?

Yes, if you have a hybrid DVR, due to the way that TVI cameras work they should connect to any TVI ready DVR, the advantage being that you can connect older systems up and gradually add new higher resolution cameras without simply replacing the entire system.