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128ch Enterprise RAID NVR
128ch Enterprise RAID NVR
128ch Enterprise RAID NVR
128ch Enterprise RAID NVR

128ch Enterprise RAID NVR

Our 128ch Enterprise RAID NVR, otherwise known as The Warrior is a powerful beast offering professional and reliable recording solution with an incoming bandwidth of 512MB. Our UNV NVR range is compatible with Sentinel for 3rd party monitoring. Please contact your account manager if you require more HDD than is listed.
  • Compatible with Sentinel
  • 128ch video & audio recording
  • Up to 12MP resolution recording
  • H.265 & H.264 compression
  • RAID 1/5
  • 16 x SATA up to 8TB
  • Up to 96TB HDD storage
  • ONVIF Compatibility
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The Warrior is our commerical 128ch RAID NVR solution from UNV. This unit allows for an optional HDMI expansion of up to 12 HDMI outputs over 2 video cards coming in either 4 or 6 HDMI outputs. With 16 HDD bays, The Warrior allows for expansive recording times and the built-in RAID gives redundancy on recording.

The UNV NVR range is also compatible with Safari on Mac. You can find the EZPlugin software you need in the support section below.

With the option of up to 96TB storage, this amazing NVR gives you the opportunity to expand on HDD as you go. You can start with as little as 1TB and work your way up to 96TB over time as you need it, allowing you to buy the storage you need and not what you think you will need in the future. Give your account manager a call to discuss HDD options if you require more than 24TB.

The mobile app allows you to playback, take snapshots, PTZ control, enable alarm outputs and listen to audio on live and playback functions.

The Warior is compatible with the Sentinel platform for 3rd party monitoring. Through the Sentinel platform, our 4-128ch NVR recorders can give a live video on alarm, meaning that you can see what is happening upon receiving the alert, you can request live streaming to check the site, listen to audio, control PTZ and also have alarm output control. If you want more information, give your account manager a call.

UNV's optimised deep compression technology, U-Code, reduces bandwidth by up to 95% with no details missing. Using Intelligent Region Perception to detect motion in each frame, the scenes containing interesting information could be preserved while the other relatively static areas such as lawns and white walls could be squeezed to save storage.

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128ch Enterprise RAID NVR dimensions
EZView Mobile App - Android
EZView Mobile App is the mobile client for Android phones and tablets. 2-way audio is now enabled via the app.

Platform: Android
Current Version: See app listing
Notes: See app listing
Last Updated: See app listing


EZView Mobile App - iPhone
EZView Mobile App is the mobile client for Apple iPhone and iPad's. 2-way audio is now enabled via the app.

Platform: iOS
Current Version: See app listing
Notes: See app listing
Last Updated: See app listing


EZStation is a fully featured video management software for both cameras & NVRs.

Platform: Windows
Current Version: v1102_B0061
Notes: Now supports EZDDNS
Last Updated: 05/12/17


EZPlugin allows web access to a UNV NVR via Safari on a Mac only.

Platform: MacOS
Current Version: v1198M-1.2.0
Notes: Please see installation guide in the download section.
Last Updated: 19/07/17


EZPlayer allows playback of UVRD files from IP camera SD cards.

Platform: Windows
Current Version: v1111_1.0.2
Notes: Now supports automatic playing of the next file, it also allows maximising the watermark detection window to full screen and now has optimised effects of playing low frame rate recordings.
Last Updated: 30/03/17


EZTools provides you with a set of tools, including a HDD calculator, that allow you to find, configure and address Uniview cameras & NVRs on the local network.

Platform: Windows
Current Version: v1103_B0010
Notes: Now supports HDD calculation for U-CODE
Last Updated: 02/06/17


Uniview NVR Firmware
Please note that the firmware available on the cloud may be newer than the version available to download here.

Model: UNVR301-04-P4
Current Version: B3221P15
Last Updated: 19/06/17


Cable Length Limits
The below information is intended as a general guide. Actual performance will depend on environmental conditions such as EM interference and quality of mains power supply.

CAT5e: 100m
CAT6: 100m