We are CCTVdirect

We first opened our doors in 2007 & we've been on an incredible journey ever since, growing to become one of Europe's leading CCTV distributors to trade installers.

We have dedicated Sales Account Managers, a fully trained Technical Team, a pro-active Marketing Department, a highly skilled Warehouse Team & finally, we're looking for you!

Everyone has something to offer here, we are a team of people who are all working towards one goal. We set ourselves targets & celebrate when we reach them. We focus on the task at hand & make sure everyone has the tools to do their job properly.

Going the extra mile is instilled in our company values & with the passion our team has, we're always a step ahead.

Available Roles

Marketing Manager with imagination to help us write the next chapter in our story
We’re looking for a marketing superstar to join our business of CCTV superstars. 2021 and 2022 are poised to be exciting years and we need a conductor for our marketing orchestra – maybe you are a star of the future, maybe you’re already an accomplished marketer. Either way we need you to play a pivotal role in the growth of our business.

If you dream of a varied marketing diet that tests your capabilities across a host of disciplines then read on. If you just want an easy ride then this isn’t for you.
Happy to take responsibility and work under your own direction? Happy to step up and get the job done when you need to? Are you someone that your colleagues can rely on? Are you ambitious to be recognised for your endeavours and feel you can achieve great things?
If you say “yes” then we want to talk to you.

CCTVdirect is a business working nationally with a range of business who need CCTV components to do installations. These could be electrical contractors or specialist CCTV installers.
As well as being a distributor for a number of brands, CCTVdirect provides account management and most importantly tech support to our customers to make sure their installations go without a hitch and that we solve any technical issues that may arise at installation or later down the line. Our tech support team are recognised as being fabulous at what they do, both in our TrustPilot ratings and also in a recent customer service questionnaire. It’s great to know you’ve a business that can deliver on the promises that marketing makes.
Even though CCTVdirect is well-known name in the market, we’re not standing still by any stretch. We have plenty of work to do to maintain our market position and keep ourselves in front of our customers. We’re also ambitious to grow and cement ourselves as the CCTV Superstars.
Put aside any pre-conceptions about CCTV not being as exciting as fashion or digital media. You’ll get the chance to really show what a great marketer you are and look at online and offline opportunities, inbound and content marketing, ecommerce conversion and driving traffic – there’s plenty to give you the opportunity to shine.
I hope you can already tell that we’re excited about what the next few years has in store for us.

Based at our head office just outside Leeds City Centre (the station is less than 20 mins walk) you will be responsible for co-ordinating and delivering all the marketing activities for the business.
But don’t worry you won’t be on your own as we’ve a part-time Marketing Director who’s already formulated the bones of our plans for 2021 and 2022. We need you to work with them to flesh this out and to take responsibility for making it happen, conducting the internal and external resources needed to deliver.

As well as being a marketing superstar who can deliver these exciting marketing initiatives, we also need someone who’s not afraid to get their hands dirty. Don’t worry we don’t mean by working in the warehouse but, if the need arises, having the ability to build email newsletters, write a bit of copy, create a bit of artwork, create marketing reports, manage the data in our CRM and marketing automation platform, make some videos, help staff the exhibition stands, take part in events and keep our website up to date. We’d really like someone who’s media savvy, would be happy to front events and our videos too, becoming the face of CCTVdirect perhaps.

We hope these things all make sense to you and you have plenty of ideas to bring. We’re not looking for a Photoshop genius or an HTML ninja, but a few basic skills in these areas would be great. Finally, this will mean managing multiple workstreams and maybe liaising with external suppliers, agencies and partners.
There’s lots to do and one thing’s for sure, you won’t be bored.

We have some great people in our business already and you need to be someone that they can rely on and get the job done. We’re not hard taskmasters, but the way we do what we do is what makes us different and successful as a business.
With a number of years’ experience of marketing, and ideally some kind of marketing qualification, we are not necessarily looking for someone that’s been there and done it all. What we are looking for is to see that bright spark that tells us you are that marketing superstar who recognises what a fantastic opportunity this is.

We need you to possess a rare combination of organisation and creativity. We want you to be exploding with ideas and yet be smart enough to be able to position them in the context of what we are trying to achieve … acquiring more customers and retaining and growing our existing ones.
We need a do-er and if what you need to do is new to you, it may be new to us too. We’ll need you to take the initiative and be confident in your abilities to research, learn and execute intelligently. Remember though you won’t be on your own.

Finally, we’ve started to get more rigorous about tracking and reporting on the value of what we invest in marketing. We need you to be comfortable with the concepts of driving a response and reporting on the results of your labours.

We want the right person to join our team, and whilst your qualifications and experience are important, being comfortable that you are that “right” person is the key for us.
Of course, practical marketing experience is a benefit, especially if it’s client side, in business to business and a results-orientated role.
But above all we need to be excited by the prospect of you joining the team.

That’s up to you. It’s going to depend on your knowledge and experience and how excited we are!
As a guide we are thinking of a basic salary of between £25k and £35k based on your experience. Alongside your salary you’ll get other company benefits, lots of company social events, flexible working hours, and a company bonus scheme. We are comfortable that the right person will feel well rewarded for the work they deliver.

We want to know what makes you our marketing superstar. We want to see that spark. We want to be excited to meet you.
Send us your qualifications and experience, show us some of the work that you’ve done if you like, but above all tell us why YOU are what we are looking for.
Send it all to michael.stewart@themarketingcentre.com and we’ll be back in touch when we’ve had chance to take a look.