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Hikvision 8 Channel 1U 8 PoE 4K NVR
Hikvision 8 Channel Lite Turbo HD IU DVR
Hikvision Dome Camera Wall Mount
Hikvision Video Intercom Villa Door Station
HikVision IP Video Intercom Kit
Hikvision Embedded Plug & Play NVR
Hikvision 4 channel 1U 4 PoE 4K NVR
Hikvision 4 Channel 5 MP 1U H.265 DVR
Hikvision 5MP PoC Fixed Turret Camera
Hikvision 4 MP EXIR CMOS Network Turret Camera
HikVision 8 Channel 8 PoE 4K NVR

Hikvision is the global leader in surveillance systems, accounting for nearly 40% of the market worldwide. Their success derives from the fact that their products are both technologically advanced and affordable.

Hikvision cameras feature some of the most powerful and effective Smart technology available combined with cutting-edge hardware, making them suitable for a range of security applications, both at home and in the workplace.

Here at CCTVdirect, we stock a number of Hikvision’s sophisticated IP CCTV cameras, along with their state-of-the-art, high definition analogue cameras and their network video recorders (NVRs). Everything you need to set up a complete surveillance system. 

Hikvision products utilise powerful surveillance technologies combined with modern hardware to give you round-the-clock security. Whether you need to protect your home or your business, Hikvision CCTV systems are capable of meeting your requirements.

Hikvision CCTV Cameras

Hikvision manufacture an assortment of CCTV cameras, including bullet cameras, vandal domes, turrets, panoramic, thermal, and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras.

CCTV cameras by Hikvision are capable of impressive resolutions, from 2MP-8MP depending on the camera. This means you can take advantage of crystal-clear, super high-definition surveillance footage that will capture every moment in absolute detail.

To ensure your security both day and night, Hikvision cameras come equipped with powerful infrared (IR) capabilities. IR equipped cameras are available in three range categories, close (0-20m IR), medium (21-50m IR), and far (51-100m IR).

When choosing a Hikvision CCTV camera you can select between wired and wireless options, and between a variety of power supply options, including DC12V and a variety of PoE possibilities. Therefore, it is easy to find a Hikvision CCTV camera that fits your system and security situation.

Hik vision Security Features

Most Hikvision CCTV cameras come fitted with modern Smart technologies powered by high-end AI that will give you the control you need to protect your property.

These technologies include Hikvision AcuSense, which identifies, and differentiates between, people and vehicles without getting distracted by irrelevant movement. AcuSense can determine when a preset perimeter line is crossed by a security threat and it can be used to mark certain areas of your property as off-limits.

When a perimeter line is broken or off-limits area entered, AcuSense will then notify you or your security team regarding the suspicious or unauthorised activity on your property, keeping you up-to-date in real time with alerts and notifications sent directly to your mobile device, giving you the power to respond immediately.

AcuSense is able to avoid sending false alarms by using a deep-learning algorithm that learns to distinguish between humans, vehicles, animals, and other moving objects. The technology will automatically disregard unthreatening movement, such as the falling of a leaf, while keeping you in the know about potential security risks.

What’s more, many Hikvision cameras come with either one or two-way microphones built-in, allowing you to hear, as well as see what is happening on your property. Hikvision cameras also include sound alarms and strobe lighting to deter intruders.

Hikvision ColorVu and Darkfighter Technology

Along with IR, Hikvision cameras come equipped with powerful night vision abilities that allow you to see detailed, in-colour images at night and in low-light environments. There are two night vision technologies to choose from: Darkfighter, and ColorVu.

The ColorVu and Darkfighter series both use improved hardware to produce images in very low-light situations. In particular, cameras featuring these technologies have larger, higher-quality sensors and powerful lenses. These two components combined provide the ability to produce full-colour images in virtual darkness.

ColorVu, for instance, has a super large F1.0 aperture and a very large, technologically advanced sensor that can produce full-colour images in 0.0005 lux, which is the equivalent of a moonless, cloudy night, and with resolutions up to 4K, ColorVu cameras capture all the important details throughout the day and night.

Since ColorVu is able to adapt to bright light, you’ll not experience the blinding glare, common with other CCTV cameras, that can often hide crucial parts of an image, such as a licence plate number.

ColorVu is also available on cameras with varifocal lenses that allow you to zoom in and out without affecting the brightness levels. This means you will be able to see full-colour close-ups.

The key difference between the two technologies is their performance over distance. For short distances, ColorVu is by far the better choice, while in some conditions Darkfighter will serve you better over longer distances.

Hikvision’s low-light technologies are impressively effective and are more than good enough for use in commercial security settings, as well as for home surveillance. With ColorVu or Darkfighter equipped cameras, your property will be fully visible at all times.

Hikvision Turbo HD - A Great Choice for Analogue CCTV

Hikvision is known for introducing innovative new technologies and in 2013 the company launched Turbo HD. This technology made it possible to record high-definition footage with analogue CCTV cameras and to integrate Smart features previously only available to IP cameras.

Using HDTVI (High Definition Transport Interface), Turbo HD cameras are able to transport data over traditional coax-based systems reliably. This has allowed for high-resolution footage to be recorded and transferred over coax.

This technology allows you to use an analogue, coax-based system, which is simpler, easier to set up, and cheaper to maintain than an IP system run over ethernet, without sacrificing image quality.

What’s more, Hikvision’s most recent Turbo HD range integrates AcuSense and ColorVu into the Turbo HD package, bringing many of the Smart features previously only available to IP cameras to analogue cameras.

The Turbo HD camera range also includes all the other features typically associated with a quality security system, such as long-range IR, wide dynamic range technology that ensures clear images even in the presence of a strong backlight, and strong weather-resistant housing.

Hikvision NVRs

As the top surveillance equipment provider in the world, Hikvision also offers a range of its own NVRs for IP systems and DVRs for analogue systems.

Hikvision NVRs are designed to match Hikvision’s top-quality cameras. The Pro Series has up to 32 channels, is equipped with AcuSense, and can handle H.265+ compression, which ensures you get the most out of your bandwidth.

The Pro Series Hikvision NVR also provides a facial recognition database that can store up to 10,000 face pictures. An operator can use the database to make face picture comparisons and can conduct a database search using the picture of a face.

Hikvision’s DVRs are equally impressive. The Pro Series DVRs can handle up to 5MP footage, support H.265 and H.264 video compression, and can have as many as 32 channels.

The Turbo HD DVRs offer the same levels of resolution as the Pro Series, supports the same compression files, and can have as many channels, but also has the ability to deploy AcuSense. Along with the motion detection benefits already mentioned, AcuSense enables the use of built-in sound alarms and strobe light alarms, if your camera has the capability. It also allows you to keep a log of human and vehicle activity that can be easily searched and referred to.

Both the NVRs and the DVRs from Hikvision are easy to install and set up. You’ll have no trouble adding new cameras to either system and the software is straightforward and easy to use.

Hikvision CCTV Systems

As the most prolific CCTV brand in the world, Hikvision is always worth considering when planning to expand or install a surveillance system in your home or at your business premises.

Whether you choose their competitive IP CCTV solutions or their innovative analogue options, Hikvision’s security features will be both effective and impressive. With a range of Smart technologies at your disposal, combined with super high-quality, crystal-clear images, Hikvision’s CCTV systems are a force to be reckoned with and will deter or identify any intruder.

With a selection of powerful cameras to choose from, you’ll find all the technical abilities you need to put your property under 24-hour surveillance, keeping it safe day and night. And since Hikvision software is easy to work with and the hardware is easy to install, you’ll have no complaints when working with Hikvision products.

Hikvision from CCTVdirect

As one of the leading suppliers of CCTV cameras and related equipment in the UK and Europe, you can be sure you're in safe hands when you choose to buy Hikvision CCTV products from CCTVdirect.

We are proud to be able to offer only the best CCTV products available, and, thanks to our years of industry experience, to share our expertise with you. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. One of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be only too happy to answer all of your questions regarding how our security systems can protect your home or business.

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