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HD-TVI cameras (sometimes called Turbo HD Cameras) from CCTVdirect offer state-of-the-art high definition (HD) surveillance, coupled with low light and night vision technology that will ensure your home or business is protected day and night.

Our wide range of coax cameras outperform the competition in almost every way and are suitable for numerous surveillance situations. Whether you are looking to upgrade an old CCTV system to HD, or are planning to install a new coax based system, our HD-TVI camera range has the HD technological capacity to ensure your security is within reach.

Coax Cameras

Coax cameras are analogue cameras that have been used for CCTV surveillance for many years, and due to rapid improvements in the technology, combined with competitive pricing, they remain a popular choice for CCTV installations. The original coax cameras produced poor image quality that was often blurry, and the cameras came with a resounding lack of technological features. All that has changed in the last few years.

Today, coax cameras are able to carry audio, video, and other data via a coaxial cable in high definition. Modern coax camera installations offer several advantages, including: lower cost compared to IP cameras, easy upgrades for existing first generation coax based systems, high quality images, compatibility with multiple devices, and less network crowding than an IP system.

Coax Cameras: Advantages in Detail

For many of our customers, the competitive pricing of coax cameras compared to their IP counterparts is one of the major benefits of choosing  a coax camera system. Coax cameras can cost less than half the price of IP cameras because the data processing occurs in the digital video recorder (DVR) rather than in the camera itself, as is the case with IP cameras. This means coax cameras are technically simpler - there is less hardware under the hood - and thus cheaper to produce. Choosing a coax system can lead to substantial savings, particularly for larger installations where many cameras are needed.

What’s more, if you already have coaxial cables installed for your original CCTV system, it is more cost effective to upgrade to new generation HD coax cameras than to replace all the existing cabling with ethernet for an IP system. Not only do you save on cable costs, you also save on the labours hours required to change your setup.

Given that new coax cameras can offer Turbo HD images, feature powerful night vision technology, and a range of other sophisticated features, they are now comparable to their tech savvy IP counterparts - albeit with a smaller range of smart features - and are therefore suitable for most CCTV installations.

While IP systems often require a commitment to a single brand due to encryption requirements, coax cameras are compatible with multiple recorders. Additionally, coax cameras do not take up space on the network, as IP installations do, because they transit over coax rather than the local area network (LAN). This reduces the amount of bandwidth being consumed by your CCTV system and reduces network crowding issues.

All in all, there are many convincing reasons to choose coax cameras for your CCTV installation, and here at CCTVdirect we stock some of the best, most durable, technologically advanced HD over coax cameras available on the market today that will ensure round-the-clock protection of your premises.

TVI Cameras

TVI cameras are a type of analogue coax camera that can deliver HD over coax. These cameras are great for updating CCTV installations that predate the contemporary, and more commonly used, IP camera systems. Specifically, TVI cameras are designed for systems that use a coaxial cable rather than an ethernet cable.

TVI technology was intentionally developed by Techpoint for use in surveillance systems, and it proved ground breaking. Within a short period of time, HD-TVI has become an industry standard for analogue surveillance cameras. HD-TVI technology has made it possible to produce image resolutions from 720p to 4K over a coax cable, which means analogue coax cameras are now able to compete with the IP equivalent.

Here at CCTVdirect, we stock a range of highly advanced HD-TVI cameras designed to suit all your surveillance needs. Each camera is brimming with features and high-end technology.

HD-TVI Cameras : Features & Benefits

Our coax based range of HD-TVI cameras are fitted with cutting edge features that can provide numerous benefits to your CCTV surveillance system and guarantee the highest level of surveillance security.

We offer three types of HD-TVI cameras: 5MP HD cameras, 2MP HD cameras, and 2MP pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras. Additionally we stock a range of HD-TVI CCTV accessories that ensure easy installation and upgrade, including HD baluns, which allow you to connect coax cameras over CAT5 cable.

Our HD-TVI cameras come in a variety of types, including: HD-TVI turret and dome cameras, short-range and long-range HD-TVI bullet cameras, and HD-TVI covert cameras. What’s more, many of our cameras feature a transmission distance of up to 300m, allowing them to be placed at substantially further distances from the DVR than IP cameras can be placed from the network video record (NVR).

Many of the superb HD-TVI cameras in our range come equipped with 4 in 1 compatibility that allows the use of 4 technologies: AHD, CVI, CVBS, and TVI. This means the camera will be suitable for almost any installation.

Our range of HD-TVI cameras are kitted out with a range of stunning smart features, including ultra low light technology and outstanding night vision technology. For example, the Twilight Pro range features Dark Destroyer Technology that can produce 5MP HD images in total darkness. You will be hard-pressed to find a camera that can rival the technological capabilities of our Twilight Pro HD-TVI range.

Additionally, Twilight Pro CCTV cameras are housed in an IP67 protective casing that provides 100% protection against dust and other airborne particles. It also protects against water up to 1m in depth for at least 30 minutes, which means it is completely waterproof in normal weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

For those customers requiring a remotely adjustable CCTV camera, our 2MP, HD-TVI PTZ camera from Twilight Pro is the ideal option. This camera features 33x optical zoom, 360 degrees continuous rotation, four formats - making it compatible with almost any system - and precision, motor-driven, smooth operation that ensures no vibration at any time.

With our wide range of technologically sophisticated, compact, elegantly designed, coax HD-TVI cameras, your surveillance security system will be a force to be reckoned with.

HD-TVI Cameras from CCTVdirect

With a range of 5MP analogue HD cameras, 2MP analogues HD cameras, and 2MP PTZ cameras, along with all the necessary accessories to build or upgrade an installation that will ensure 24hr protection, we stock an unbeatable collection of HD-TVI cameras suitable for all your coax CCTV needs.

As industry leaders with a pan-European presence in the CCTV in market, you can be sure you’re in safe hands when you choose CCTVdirect as your supplier of surveillance equipment.

Contact us today to find out more about our range of HD-TVI cameras and how they can protect your home or business. Our friendly and capable team of account managers and technical experts are on hand to answer any question you may have about upgrading your existing coax CCTV system or installing a new one. We look forward to hearing from you.

HD TVI Cameras FAQ

What’s a coaxial camera?
A coaxial camera, or coax camera, is a CCTV camera that connects to a digital video recorder (DVR) via a coaxial cable.

Can I fit a HD camera to a coax cable?
Yes, thanks to TVI technology it is now possible to take advantage of HD images delivered over coax. Here at CCTVdirect we stock a wide selection of HD-TVI cameras that deliver up to 5MP over a coax connection.

Can you wire a coax camera to a ethernet network?
Yes, it is possible to connect a coax camera over ethernet using HD baluns.

Can I connect Twilight Pro CCTV cameras to my existing analogue CCTV camera system?
Yes, if you have a hybrid DVR. Due to the way that TVI cameras work, they should connect to any TVI ready DVR. The advantage of this is that you can connect older systems to a TVI ready DVR and then gradually add new, higher resolution cameras, which avoids the need to replace the entire system in one go.

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