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Showing 1 - 5 of 5 products

Our range of Uniview (UNV) IP PTZ CCTV Cameras provide you with an unrivalled security system. Benefitting from Smart Infrared Technology, these IP cameras out perform other market leaders both day and night. Each is simply Plug & Play with all UNV Network Video Recorders (NVRs).


UNV's range of IP PTZ Cameras are industry leading and you can trust that the support will be there for you right from the beginning of the install and through the years to come.


PTZ Cameras are one of the most versatile security cameras available to any installer, offering the ability to pan, tilt and zoom they can cover very large areas if manned and monitored. Variations also come with "active deterrents" alerting potentially trespassers and criminals and letting them know they're being watched and the owner has been alerted.

PTZ CCTV Cameras: Features and Benefits

Aside from the obvious ability to pan tilt and zoom and the previously mentioned active deterrence option, our cameras also have AI options, two way audio infra red and colour hunter technologies meaning you'll be able to see in the dark ensuring complete protection around the clock. 

When is a PTZ CCTV Camera the Best Solution?

PTZs are of course most effective when they're monitored, but they're particularly beneficial for covering larger areas. When they're not monitored autotracking PTZ cameras are available to get the best results.


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