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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 products
Uniview 5MP HD Vandal-resistant IR Fixed Dome IP Camera
UNV 5MP HD IR VF Dome IP Camera
UNV 5MP HD IR VF Dome IP Camera
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Uniview 5MP Ultra Wide Lens 360 Fisheye IP CCTV Camera

Our range of Uniview (UNV) IP Dome CCTV Cameras provide you with an unrivalled security system. Benefitting from Smart Infrared Technology, these IP cameras out perform other market leaders both day and night. Each camera is fully PoE and are all Plug & Play with all UNV Network Video Recorders (NVRs).


Dome CCTV cameras are among the most popular home and commercial surveillance devices available today. Here at CCTVdirect, we are proud to be one of Europe’s leading suppliers of dome CCTV cameras. We offer a range of high-quality, technologically sophisticated Uniview IP dome cameras for you to choose from, with models suited for a wide variety of situations, and each providing unrivalled surveillance capabilities.

Our dome cameras are fully equipped with innovative smart features and cutting edge infrared technology. The competition doesn’t come close.


Dome cameras, also known as vandal dome cameras, derive their name from the dome-shaped, transparent casing that protects the camera lens. The casing protects the camera from acts of vandalism, which makes dome security cameras suitable for low level installations, placement in positions that are within reach, and for use in particularly vulnerable areas. The casing offers the added advantage of being semi-reflective, providing covert surveillance and an additional level of deterrent as it is difficult to determine the direction the dome security camera is facing.

Dome cameras can be placed indoors or outdoors, and are popular for their discreet design. All the dome CCTV cameras offered by CCTVdirect are easy to install and come with Plug and Play technology.

Our dome CCTV cameras provide a resilient surveillance system that will monitor and protect your residential or commercial property in high-resolution day and night.


Our range of dome cameras are sourced from Uniview, one of the world’s leading IP dome CCTV camera suppliers. Uniview dome security cameras offer cutting edge infrared technology, easy installation, scalability, a host of innovative smart features, and a resilient polycarbonate casing that meets the IK10 international standard for durability, making these cameras extremely safe from intentional damage.


Most of our Uniview dome CCTV cameras are equipped with industry-leading AI Smart Analytics technology that monitors activity and provides up-to-date alerts directly to your smart device. Smart Analytics can detect and report motor vehicle activity, non-motor vehicle activity, pedestrian movement, and, what is more, it will ignore unrelated movement, meaning no more false alarms.

Uniview dome cameras from CCTVdirect also include other smart features, such as facial detection, intrusion detection, and line crossing detection. Our Uniview dome cameras feature an elegantly designed and discreet weatherproof metal housing, allowing you to place the dome security camera inside or outside without fear of damage from exposure to the elements. Alongside the innovative smart features, crystal clear night vision, and durable protective casing, Uniview dome CCTV cameras allow for the addition of a microphone and an alarm.

Our Uniview dome CCTV cameras outperform other dome cameras on almost all fronts. They are suitable for residential environments, small businesses, and large commercial or public properties.

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1. Are Dome Cameras Affected by Sunlight?

Sunlight does not affect the surveillance capabilities of Dome CCTV cameras. However, direct sunlight might result in a washed-out image. It is therefore recommended to point the lens away from direct sunlight.

2. How to Install Dome CCTV Cameras

All of our dome CCTV cameras are easy to install and come with Plug and Play technology with all Uniview Network Video Recorders (NVRs). Uniview cameras come with installation templates to ensure quick and simple installation anywhere on your property.

3. How Are Dome Cameras Powered?

Our IP Uniview dome cameras are equipped with PoE (Power Over Ethernet). This means the cameras derive their power from the network cable they are hooked up with, therefore, no extra power cable is needed. With PoE, a dome security camera will continue to be powered up to 250 metres from the Network Video Recorder (NVR).

IK10 Dome Cameras

If you need antivandal CCTV cameras we have options available from UNV, which not only offers fantastic protection from impact, but IP67 weather protection, and 30m smart IR. 

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